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J.Co Salon Turns 5!

J.Co Salon & Blo’Dry was a vision of one but took the work of many to make happen.

Joshua and Adam Gray-Heim jumped without knowing at what impact their vision would become. J.Co Salon & Blo’Dry has now become a staple in the Fayetteville community and especially downtown. Through the salon, Joshua and Adam have donated close to $100,000 in donations, services and products in their short 4 years.

What started out as a small conversation among close friends, Ester and Sam, while celebrating the wedding of great friends in Massachusetts, it was suggested that we think of opening a salon. After much debating and conversations with friends and family, J.Co was started.

When J.Co Salon & Blo’Dry Bar was planned, the only reason it actually happened was through the help of CEED (Center for Economic Empowerment & Development). Without their support and funding, J.Co Salon would still be a dream.

Joshua Gray-Heim - “If having a business has taught me anything, it’s taught me patience, consistency, and compromise. Each year has brought new lessons and challenges. I wouldn’t trade anything for the good or the bad”.

Come visit J.Co Salon & Blo’Dry Bar at 417-B Hay Street Fayetteville or visit our website at

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